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Our mission is to accomplish successful projects by identifying, promoting and managing investment opportunities, joint ventures and strategic alliances. We provide strategic and financial advisory.

About Us

SPECTRON ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE is a firm specialized in the development of infrastructure and energy projects

Our Approach

We offer strategic, financial and regulation advise acting as Chief Investment Officer for private companies, investment funds and governments.


We provide integral solutions according to the needs of every customer (One Stop Shopping). We stand beside our customers during each step of the proyect: from the analysis to the association and tender. 

One Stop Shopping


Identification of areas of opportunity (key players, barriers to entry and exit)

Value Proposition 


Identify and analyze relevant aspects of the general legal framework and economic regulations


Identify market entry (acquisitions, joint ventures and relevant partnerships)

Suggestion to possible external advisors


Identify potential partners and operators for the project


Consulting in due diligence, financial structuring and closing of the transaction


Prebasis and basis analysis


Meetings and clarification of the tender process


Preparation & presentation of technical and financial proposals


We are committed to the development and success of each one of us

We create a work environment full of respect, trust, collaboration and flexibility

We attempt to have an adequate balance between work and personal life

We understand and accept our mistakes, creating lessons for improvement

We encourage the diversity of opinion, but we are committed with our choices

We avoid that differences in business affect our personal relations


We provide a professional service, of high quality and with the most aggregated value possible to our clients.

We meet our goals and we always try to beat expectations

We are committed to the institutional and personal success of our clients

We look to innovate and transform this into an advantage to our customers

We act with social consciousness and contribute to the development of our community


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